The Alfred M. Senter Fund is a private charitable trust established by Alfred M. Senter. Mr. Senter was the owner of Senter’s Department Store in downtown Brunswick, located within the buildings which are now Senter Place. The Fund is authorized by the trust document to make grants to public charities (as defined by federal Internal Revenue Code) providing services in the State of Maine.

The public charities to which the Fund will make grants are those described in IRS Code Section 170 (c), in Sections 170(b) (1) (A) ii, iii, iv, v, vi, and in Sections 2055 (a) and 2522 (a) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws. Documentation of this must be provided at the time of application to the Fund by providing a copy of the most recent IRS tax determination letter issued to the applicant.

It was the wish of Alfred M. Senter, but not his direction, that public charities benefiting from this Fund be involved in promoting the cultural, educational, environmental well being and general health and welfare of the inhabitants of the Towns of Brunswick, Topsham, Durham, Harpswell, West Bath and Lisbon and the City of Bath, all in the State of Maine.

The Fund especially seeks to support charities for which small grants will make a significant difference. The Fund does not normally award grants to finance regular operating budgets or to add to the endowment of other non-profit organizations. In most instances, individual grants will not exceed $20,000. No grant shall inure or be payable to or for the benefit of any individual, partnership, corporation, private shareholder or contributor, or be made to attempt to influence legislation or any political campaign.

The Fund Committee meets in November of each year to consider requests for grants. The Fund will consider grant applications received no later than October 31 for that calendar year. Applicants will receive notification regarding the status of their request by the end of November for the current year. Grant requests must be submitted by mail or by hand with an original and six copies.

The Fund Committee requires that a short application form be completed. Additional materials may also be provided such that the Committee may adequately weigh the merits of the request. Subjects which should be addressed include the history, purpose, objectives or rationale of the project, benefit, method of accomplishment and continuation, budget and timelines, method of evaluation of the results, persons or groups involved, and other sources of funding. Instructions regarding the application are attached.

The Committee does not normally meet with applicants. If a grant is provided by the Fund, it is requested that the receiving organization send a brief final report to the Fund no later than October 31 of the following year describing the actual use of the grant funds and the results achieved.

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